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The latest Layher Open Day – held recently at our Letchworth offices – is being seen as one of the best yet. A chance to meet Layher personnel from both the UK and our parent company in Germany gave guests the opportunity to discuss our full range of equipment and services . . . not least our latest product innovation.

“We were very happy to be joined by principal shareholders Carolin Langer and Georg Layher who pulled the cord to reveal and lower our new HD Beam system onto the ground,” says Sean Pike, Layher’s UK MD. Descending in a flurry of symbolic lightweight blue feathers, the beam landed to great interest and brought with it a list of major advantages.

“We were delighted with the comments received on the day, all of which focused on factors which underpin both our and our customers’ success,” adds Sean Pike.

Bringing so many customers together in this way gave everyone a chance to ‘compare notes’, enhancing their understanding of Layher systems and equipment and the

opportunities they create.

Take a look at a few of the highlights and read some of the excellent comments that we are delighted to receive –

The different products available from Layher have opened my eyes

The Layher statement – ‘More Possibilities’ – well there’s actually every possibility

Quality shines throughout the whole organisation – product, design, staff attitude and support

Layher is very versatile and the back-up is second to none

The Open Day has been a good event and it is nice to hear about how the equipment has helped other companies too

We look to do 90% of our work with Layher, such is its versatility

When we recently won a sizeable contract, Layher helped us and were represented at some of the client meetings

We looked at lots of system products throughout the whole of Europe and decided that the support, technique and quality meant Layher was going to be our product

Layher has given our business a more professional feel

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The full benefits of Layher equipment are now being made available in Ireland. Layher Ltd, Ireland, which opened its doors at the start of December 2015, is bringing key advantages to contractors across major sectors that range from construction and house building to industry and events.

Established as a subsidiary of Layher Ltd., the County Meath-based organisation is operating in both Southern and Northern Ireland. Importantly, it is under the management of John Carolan who has a wellestablished reputation as a successful scaffolding contractor.

“Although modular scaffolds are well-established in Ireland, we believe that by bringing Layher directly to the Irish market, we are making available both access and weather protection systems that out-perform competitors’ alternatives,” says John Carolan. “We can demonstrate equipment that is faster, easier to handle and which has fewer components resulting directly in reduced costs associated with labour, transportation and maintenance.”

Layher Ltd, Ireland is not just providing extensive equipment stockholding, but also full technical and site support. “These are factors that have always been central to Layher’s reputation in the countries in which it operates and which are therefore at the heart of the new facility in Ireland,” adds John Carolan.

The new organisation is currently planning its own Open Day to mark the creation of a service which will be appreciated by all scaffolding users across Ireland.

Midlands next to gain

Well-established throughout the country via our head office in Letchworth and regional depots located in Livingston in Scotland, Eggborough near Selby – and now in Ireland – the latest Layher depot is scheduled to open its doors in early 2016.

“Plans are advancing for a new facility in Birmingham,” says Sean Pike, Layher’s UK Managing Director, “which will provide easier and more direct access to our products and support services in one of the country’s major regions.”

Full details will be announced soon.

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Minimal track closures were achieved at Crediton Station by using a Layher footbridge structure erected by SRK Scaffolding in just a seven-hour overnight period. The project was part of a refurbishment programme being undertaken by Amco Rail – appointed by Network Rail – the main contractors for the work.

“The temporary passenger footbridge was specified to act as an access facility while the existing listed structure at the site was undergoing repair work,” explains Shawn Trott, SRK Scaffolding’s Managing Director. The company used the Layher bridging system and pedestrian stairs for the project.

The bridge, which spanned some 15 metres, also gained from Layher Protect panels to a height of two metres, fixed both sides of the bridge walkway to act as a safety screen.

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Connect Scaffolding Ltd. has provided access and weather protection at Audley End House near Cambridge
– its second phase project at the site.

Using Layher Allround, the freestanding structure was created to provide access to key features of the house on the rear elevations
for restoration work.

“The system meant that works could be carried out on all levels with unimpeded access,” says Oliver Cave,
Connect Scaffolding’s Managing Director.

A non-load bearing covered gulley, that runs around the entire perimeter, also saw a 700mm cantilever installed on the inside to provide sufficient load capacity for the stone repairs to be carried out. “We utilised 0.73m console brackets which made this relatively easy to achieve while still providing for 3.0kN/m2 live load capacity,” adds Terry Watling, Connect Scaffolding’s Project Supervisor.

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Burflex Scaffolding has completed the installation of more than 530 linear metres of scaffolding at Rampton Secure Hospital in Nottinghamshire for access to an extensive programme at the site including internal and external façades and roof refurbishment.

“We were appointed by main contractor Balfour Beatty to install scaffold access around the building’s C and D wings to a height of 11 metres, providing five lifts that could be simultaneously used by the restoration workers on the project,” says Rich Fieldhouse, Operations Manager at Burflex Scaffolding.

“Working with Layher, we were also able to specify ‘gap-fill decks’ which were installed between the standards rising from the decking platforms,” continues Rich Fieldhouse.

“These were positioned between the main platform and hop-up platforms to produce a gap-free, trip-free level working area.”

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An innovative access solution has been clearly demonstrated in Aylesbury by Pro Access Scaffolding Ltd. with a cantilevered roof access structure built during the construction of a new university teaching block by main contractor Morgan Sindall plc.

“Space restrictions at the site meant the building of an access support scaffold from the ground was not possible,” says Mark Chapman, Pro Access Director. “Our solution was to take advantage of the lightweight Layher Allround design to install the structure from the slab on the building’s third floor.”

The design of the building features an overhanging roof which called for the access scaffold to be cantilevered some three metres beyond the perimeter. “The versatility and inherent strength of the scaffold system enabled us to address this requirement in a highly effective way,” adds Mark Chapman.

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We are delighted to announce significant staff appointments and developments which are set to strengthen our liaison with customers on a number of key fronts.

Joe Thompson made the move from yard to sales office in 2005 and has now enhanced his product knowledge and training capability by completing the CISRS Part II Layher Scaffolding course.

John Frater brings a construction and logistics background to our warehouse and will help to maintain our high levels of operational excellence, while Nottingham Trent University graduate, Alex Murphy, joins our internal sales team, enabling him to combine his interest in construction and communication.

Our technical department also gains with the appointment of Athanasios Fotiou who, as our newest design engineer, will be able to make good use of his background as an infrastructure engineer in Athens and civil infrastructure engineer in England.

“Our commitment to staff development and recruitment has always been at the heart of our success and we are delighted to be able to make these four key announcements,” comments Sean Pike, Layher’s UK MD.

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The latest innovation from Layher – the new heavy duty lightweight beam – is set to open up new opportunities in a wide range of scaffolding applications.  With a depth of 1.25 metres between top and bottom chords, the development, says the company, combines strength and versatility and can be utilised in conjunction with its modular Allround system or with tube and fit scaffolds.

“The HD beam benefits from our commitment to engineering design and testing which has resulted in strength that will be widely recognised by everybody in the industry,” says Sean Pike, Layher’s UK Managing Director.  “The top and bottom chords gain from a 60mm OD with the upright and diagonal chords having a 48.3mm OD.  A maximum moment of 150 kNm at 1.036 top chord restraint and shear of 53.8kNOD are the direct results.”

Layher has developed the system with installation versatility in mind, which has led directly to a choice of several beam lengths ranging between 1.036 metres and 5.18 metres.  Each incorporates Layher’s rosette system and post spacing for ease of installation, and can be specified with an extensive range of accessories and fittings.  “For example, apex sections of between 6° and 36° are available as are corner, T and cross beam connectors,” continues Sean Pike.  “Moreover, the HD beam accepts a range of temporary roofing designs, including the Keder system, while a further choice of accessories from lifting eyes and hanging standard adaptors are also available.” 

The result is a development which lends itself immediately to use in the full range of Layher’s marketplaces – these range from construction to event-based installations and with layouts from façade and birdcage scaffolds to domed installations.

“As with all of our equipment, the new beam comes complete with our extensive support capability which is centred on close working relationships with both scaffolding and main contractors alike,” adds Sean Pike.  “With our service input encompassing design, training and advice on safety, and with proven equipment performance arising from our approach to testing and high quality material selection, the HD beam is well placed to become a major part of our extensive choice of scaffolding and access systems.”

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A major Layher Keder XL temporary roof structure –the largest to date in Europe – has been installed for a prestigious refurbishment project at the University of Cambridge.  The roofing system, together with Layher’s Allround access and support scaffolding, was built by Connect Scaffolding for main contractor Kier Construction as part of the extensive upgrade work being undertaken on the ARUP Building Museum of Zoology.

“The installation has presented specific challenges, which have been met by close co-operation between Layher’s and Connect’s design teams and which have also been addressed by the Layher roof and scaffolding designs,” says Oliver Cave, Managing Director of Connect Scaffolding.  “These include space and location considerations – there being no crane access possible – and the fact that the surrounding buildings and thoroughfares remained occupied and used throughout.” 

Layher Allround has been erected around the structure to a total of 12 lifts and an overall heightof some 30 metres with buttress support scaffold used at key points – no physical anchors being permitted to the majorityof the buildingfabric.  “The ‘brutalism’ architectural style, for which the ARUP Building is well known, features a series of step-ins and cantilevered elements, which had to be accommodated by the scaffolding design,” continues Oliver Cave.  “Thus walkways of varying depths are incorporated, which still gain from the absence of cross-bracing that is a characteristic of the Layher scaffolding design.”

Because the Allround system is built from lightweight materials and features built-in rosette connectors, the number of components is minimised – a significant benefit in terms of safety, particularly in such an occupied location.

“This is also an importantfactor with the Keder temporary roof because the entire structure had to be assembled by hand from a wide-stepped gable,” adds Simon Lewis, Senior Design Engineer at Layher.  “Roof truss components were raised by one of three Geda Hoists and fixed in position at one gable end, before being rolled out on nylon wheels set on a scaffolding track to create space for the next truss to be assembled.  Once fully installed, the Keder XL sheeting was then pulled across the roof one bay at a time to complete the structure with the result providing protection from the weather and a naturally-lit working environment.”  Simon Lewis also highlights the innovative design of specialised tie transfer beams and tie collars, which have been used specifically to tie the roof system to the RC columns every 11 metres.

The versatility of the Layher Allround system is further demonstrated by the fact that, in selected areas, it is built off steelwork that was also installed by Connect Scaffold as a primary support.  This was undertaken as an additional safety measure relating to the location.  The project also incorporated access for extensive internal works, including a crash deck, which can be readily adjusted as the project proceeds.

“This is an excellent demonstration of the suitability of our Allround scaffolding and Keder XL temporary roofing systems being used – both for a highly prestigious project and also in an area where access and operational considerations need to be accommodated,” adds Sean Pike, MD at Layher UK.  “It is a high quality installation for an iconic 1960s’ building of significant importance – the zoology museum, for example, houses many of Darwin’s specimens – and we are delighted to have been involved at such an important and well regarded location,” he concludes.


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The benefits of Layher’s Keder XL temporary roofing system have been highlighted via a major project in central London undertaken by contractor London Network Scaffolding Ltd (LNS).  The installation, at the Swedish Embassy in Marylebone, has seen the Layher system provide clear-cut benefits for the roof refurbishment work that has been at the heart of the project, which also highlights the separate advantages associated with Layher Protect screening systems.

Installed in an L-shaped configuration to follow the plan of the building, the Keder XL roofing system was positioned on top of a ground-based support scaffold.  Comprising a series of aluminium rails fixed to trusses installed across the full roof span, the Keder XL design benefits from translucent sheets which are slid over the apex and fixed into position in each bay.  This provides a visually excellent result as well as a clear, naturally-lit working environment within.  Importantly, the roofing system can be assembled without the need for a crane – of particular note in locations such as central London, as is the case here. 

“Our installation of the Layher Keder XL system was ideal for the work at site which included the removal and replacement of the roof and insulation, and the fitting of a new weatherproof membrane,” comments Gary Flynn, Managing Director atLNS.  His company was appointed by Swedish roofing contractor, HAGMANS TAK, who were operating on behalf of Rotgruppen and Statens Fastighetsverk – The National Property Board of Sweden and owners of the Swedish Embassy.

LNS also installed a hoist system at one gable end to move both men and materials to the working roof height – access from which was simply achieved by creating an opening in the roof system sheeting. 

“At street level, we enclosed the hoist mechanism with a second Layher installation, this time using its Protect system,” continues Gary Flynn.  “Featuring a lightweight aluminium frame, infilled with steel sheets, a complete skin was created around the hoist base to fulfil both security needs – access was only via a lockable door – and to provide a flat surface which was ideal for site advertising displays.”

“The speed and simplicity of erection that is at the heart of our Keder XL system were clearly demonstrated through LNS’s involvement with the Swedish Embassy,” comments Sean Pike, Layher’s UK Managing Director.  “In an extremely busy central city location such as this, the advantages of the erection method are clear-cut while, for the workforce undertaking the roof refurbishment work, the benefits of the well-lit environment are self-evident, with the in-built weather protection a key factor given the vagaries of the British climate. 

“We are delighted to have been able to work with Gary Flynn and his team at LNS to design and provide the optimum systems for the refurbishment job in question.  The installation clearly demonstrates the skills of the contractor and the major advantages associated with our products – all coming together on a highly prestigious and important building,” adds Sean Pike.


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Modular scaffolding and weather protection specialist, Layher, is announcing two major developments to its operations in the UK which are set to build on its growing success in this country.  The German manufacturer has now opened a new depot in the north of England and has enhanced its existing facility in Scotland through a senior appointment. 

The new depot is located in Eggborough in North Yorkshire and adds to Layher’s head office in Letchworth and well-established Scottish base in Livingston.  Headed by Operations Manager Heath Brown, the new facility will bring the full range of Layher equipment and expertise to a major part of the country for the first time.

“Our scaffolding, access and weather protection range and a full demonstration facility are key features of the new Eggborough site,” comments Sean Pike, Layher’s UK MD.  “This means not only being able to showcase our equipment but also to transport it more quickly to customers in a key part of the country, often accommodating short demand requirements.”

The choice of location enhances this last point with excellent access east to west via the M62 and north to south with the A1M.  Additionally, the site is within easy reach of major industrial conurbations, including local power generation facilities that are well-established in the area.

“This is an exciting time in the company’s development, both across the construction sector and within industry,” says Heath Brown.  “I am totally confident of our ability to address a wide range of access and protection requirements from the new depot – building on our successful installations that we can already point to in the region.”

This positive view is echoed by Sean Pike – “We see this as an important step forward and one which we believe will be acknowledged by all our customers in the area.  The development sits alongside our continuing commitment to product innovation and not only reflects our success in the past, but makes a clear statement about our confident outlook for the future.”

These are sentiments that are further enhanced by Layher’s appointment of Kenneth Redmond to the position of Area Sales and Technical Manager across Scotland and Ireland, operating from the company’s Livingston depot. 

“I am committed to maximising our presence in industries that we serve both in the Scottish and Irish markets – from general construction through to specialist applications such as the oil industry,”he says, highlighting the company’s commitment to developing its training and demonstration facility, and extensive stockholding in Scotland as key factors.  Kenneth Redmond’s appointment also represents something of a homecoming – he is returning after a number of years gaining valuable experience at Layher’s subsidiary in New Zealand.


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One of the world’s most prestigious sporting events has gained from the design of Layher’s modular scaffolding system and the installation capability of Acorn Scaffolding.  Centred on providing the screen support structure for the largest LED screen ever seen in Europe, the project made a significant contribution to the Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony at Celtic Park in Glasgow.

The design, and the equipment selected, addressed key issues at site.  By using a continuous scaffold wall, for example, point loads were massively reduced whilst potentially expensive and cumbersome support structures were not required.  This reduced the installation time and, importantly, eradicated the need for cranage – with the added benefit of the head blocks, which supported the screen and PA, being much closer to the existing stadium roof.

Ground bearing constraints and the need to ensure that the installation gained from both lightweight and ease of installation pointed Acorn towards the use of the Layher Allround scaffolding system.  The layout featured mounting for the display screen along the full length of the stadium with comprehensive access areas and stairways installed behind.

“To counter the horizontal forces being imposed on the structure, buttress bays were introduced to the rear of the screen support structure – both on and at 10 metre intervals between the reinforced PA bays,” explains Andy Nutter, Managing Director at Acorn Scaffolding.  “All buttresses were wing braced back at a high level to maintain a working area on the stage platform, whilst ballast was also incorporated into the buttress structures to support the heavy LED screen.”

Acorn custom designed and manufactured the head blocks, which incorporated a bespoke pulley system, to provide the interface from which the PA and screen was flown. These head blocks were installed on every second bay to ensure the imposed load of the screen was more evenly distributed back to ground level.

Speaking on behalf of Jack Morton Worldwide, Project Manager, Marcus Exelby draws attention to key features of the installation –

“We were extremely impressed with the large screen support structure provided by Acorn for the Games Opening Ceremony.  With a weight of 38 tonnes and measuring 11 metres in height and almost 100 metres in length, this was Europe’s largest ever LED screen – the company was quick to take on this challenging project and successfully completed the job in a professional, organised and timely manner.”   

Alongside the screen support, Acorn also used Layher scaffolding systems to provide a number of other structures for the Opening Ceremony including two hoists, a scaffold hoist tower, nine service bridges, follow-on spot platforms and ancillary decking, as well as providing the scaffolding structures for all the other venues for Glasgow 2014. 

“We are very proud to have worked with Jack Morton Worldwide and Glasgow Council, and to have been given the opportunity to be involved with such a unique, worldwide occasion,” adds Andy Nutter.  “This is a major international sporting event and one which has enabled us to demonstrate both the Layher equipment and our installation capabilities.”


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Layher Allround® Lightweight launch


The world’s largest system scaffolding manufacturer, Layher, is launching the next generation of its highly successful Allround® scaffolding system into the UK market.  The introduction of Layher Allround® Lightweight (LW) combines proven performance with key benefits – ranging from lower weight and enhanced load bearing capacity, to an innovative ‘AutoLock Wedge-Head®’ function which, says the company, will provide greater safety and speed during both erection and use.


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Layher Allround® TG60 Shoring System


Leading modular scaffolding manufacturer, Layher Ltd. is introducing a new frame-based shoring system to the UK market which is designed to provide quick, efficient and safe assembly with maximum versatility.  The Layher Allround® TG60 shoring system has been developed as a complement to the company’s proven Allround® range of scaffolding systems – a factor that enhances its safety and speed of erection and its versatility to meet a wide range of shoring installation needs.


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Alan Staley FMB Award


A highly prestigious Federation of Master Builders award, recently achieved by Derbyshire-based Alan Staley Building Contractors, has recognised the quality of its work and reflects, says the company, on the suitability of Layher scaffolding and temporary roofing systems for high profile building refurbishment.

The company is proud to have won the Master Builder of the Year Award for Large Renovation Projects in Yorkshire and Trent for its re-roofing and high level repair of Grade II listed Melbourne Hall.  The organisation appointed Allround Scaffolding Services (Midlands) Ltd. who, in turn, made excellent use of Layher’s Allround® modular scaffolding and Keder temporary roofing system designs.  


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Layher’s business focus in Scotland has been enhanced with the appointment of Kenneth Redman to the position of Area Sales and Technical Manager for both Scotland and Northern Ireland. 

Kenneth brings with him from our subsidiary in New Zealand wide construction industry experience in both sales and marketing and, based at Layher’s Livingston premises, he is ideally positioned to support existing clients and seek new business opportunities. 

“I am committed to maximising our presence in industries that we serve in both the Scottish and the Irish markets – from general construction through to specialist application areas such as the oil industry,” he says.  “The availability of equipment at the large depot in Livingston, and also the opportunity to develop further training and demonstration areas on site is extremely exciting.”

“We are delighted to welcome Kenneth to the organisation and are confident that he will be able to build on the success that we have achieved in the region,” adds Layher UK’s MD, Sean Pike.  “The benefits of our equipment are enhanced by accessible and capable support services, and we are certain that Kenneth will be able to contribute significant experience and skills in this regard,” he concludes.

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With a major new product focus, a chance to mingle with senior Layher personnel – and even an opportunity to learn a little about German wine – the latest Layher Open Day offered unmissable opportunities to all contracting customers and has been roundly applauded as highly successful.

The event followed the last Open Day in 2010 and again took place at Layher’s UK head office, storage and training facility in Letchworth.

“Centrepiece was the new Keder XL Temporary Roofing system – the simple construction of which was demonstrated to our guests,” says Layher UK’s MD Sean Pike.

He was joined by two of the company’s principal shareholders – Carolin Langer and Georg Layher and by International Sales Manager, Margot Hoffman, who all took the opportunity to meet guests and to hold wide ranging discussions on both products and relevant markets in this country.

“We were also very happy to host an expert presentation on German wine which enabled many of our guests to sample different brands for themselves,” adds Sean Pike.  “From every point of view, therefore – both commercially and socially – we are delighted with the success of the event and are grateful to everybody that contributed and attended on the day.”


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The recently introduced Layher UK Technical Guide is now being brought to life with the availability of innovative design software.StrikeSoft Ltd. has worked closely with Layher to develop a drawing and estimating package – ‘Strike Alpha Allround’ – which builds on the design and technical aspects of the Layher Allround® scaffolding system.

“Customers can save time and money by just inputting scaffold dimensions and clicking the mouse to create 2D and 3D drawings that are auto-checked for compliance with our Technical Guide,” says Layher’s UK MD Sean Pike.

Then benefits are echoed by StrikeSoft’s Commercial Director, Toby Cave.

“Strike Alpha Allround is the perfect tool for number crunching of this type – loading lists can be created for complete scaffolds to single elevations or on a lift by lift basis,” he says.  “From facades and birdcages to loading towers and bridging structures – scaffolders stand to gain, particularly as the system enables their design departments to work closely with Layher’s own in-house design team to produce optimum results every time,” he adds.


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As a more cost effective, faster and lighter alternative to an I-beam, the Triple Wedge Head Coupler from Layher ticks a long list of boxes on site. 

By linking a number of Allround® standards together, it creates a structure that is able to accommodate significant vertical loadings, which is of value in a wide range of application environments – not least as a means of providing bridge support.

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The recent Layher Open Day held in Letchworth proved to be an excellent opportunity for visitors to learn about product developments, meet senior company personnel and hear a key presentation that addressed the important issue of safety.

“We were delighted that almost 120 scaffolding contractor guests were able to attend and meet with both our UK staff and senior management from our head office in Germany, including Principal Shareholder Georg Layher, International Managing Director Dr Helmut Kreller and International Sales Manager, Margot Hoffman,” comments Sean Pike, Layher UK’s Managing Director.  

“A number of new products were showcased with particular focus on the Allround® Bridging System, the Allround® Shoring System and our Lightweight Cassette Roof.  Alongside, we were delighted that Simon Hughes, Director of Simian Risk, was able to give a detailed presentation on SG4:10 Safety Guidance N° 4 – Preventing Falls in Scaffolding,” adds Sean Pike.

The event was also marked by Layher UK’s achievement of BSI accreditation ISO 9001:2008 – building on the accreditation held for many years by the company’s head office.    

“It was a highly informative and enjoyable event and we are confident that the Open Day has enhanced our standing in the UK’s scaffolding market,” concludes Sean Pike.


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Sean Pike, Layher UK MD, is clear about the company’s new 132 page Allround® Scaffolding UK Technical Guide.   It provides instant access to key information on a range of Layher Allround® structures – from birdcages, façade scaffolds and bridging solutions to stairtowers, loading towers and ancillary items – in a single document.

“The most comprehensive publication of its type in the UK that we have ever produced,” he says.

Dimensional details and key information – including component loading capacities and safe working load guidance – are clearly set out and represent a quick access point for everybody involved in the design and technical aspects of Layher Allround® and associated systems.

“We believe this is an extremely beneficial publication for users, who can now request their own copy via our website,” adds Nick Geddes, Layher UK Technical Manager.

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Keder roof installations can now be enhanced with nylon castors mounted in pairs on a 2.8 m tubing length, fed through the pulling sockets of the Keder sheet where it is fixed into the final position. 

“This is a significant step forward for an important product,” says Layher’s UK MD Sean Pike, “particularly with the recent introduction of the new Keder XL design which is capable of bigger spans.”

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Recently introduced, the new Allround® bridging system has already been widely welcomed in the industry.  Ideal as a footbridge or support girder for heavy loads, spans of up to 30 metres can be achieved with options such as event decking, Protect panels, child-proof guard rails and temporary roof sections readily fitted to match every installation.

Fully compatible with Layher’s established Allround® system, the design offers a choice of walkway dimensions whilst construction can be made either in-situ or pre-assembled at ground level for craning into position.

“Because the design of the new Allround® Bridging Truss System follows our modular philosophy, which has underpinned our success for many years, successful installations can be achieved almost irrespective of terrain and pedestrian traffic requirements,” comments Layher’s UK MD, Sean Pike. 

Where required, several beams can be assembled next to each other to address a further increase in foot traffic or as a temporary work platform. 

“We believe this latest addition to our range of Allround® equipment is set to build on the established success of the Layher name and adds to the reputation we have achieved for providing highly effective, purpose-designed systems,” concludes Sean Pike.


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One of southern England’s most innovative scaffolding contractors has made a major commitment to Layher’s scaffolding systems.  The move, by Modus Access UK Ltd., marks the contractor’s determination to provide a high quality and cost effective service and pays testimony to the versatility and suitability of the Layher range.

“Our research identified a need to provide cost effective methods of scaffolding and access that are an alternative to conventional tube and fitting,” comments Modus Access UK Ltd.’s MD, Simon Jeanes.  “We therefore looked to identify a modular system that is quick and versatile with loading capacities comparable to tube and fittings – with significant benefits in terms of simplicity, handling and speed.  Additionally, we emphasised the need for inherent safety and for our chosen system to enable us to build to SG4:10.  

“These are requirements that are fully addressed by Layher’s system scaffolding designs,” he concludes.


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Proven throughout Europe, the Layher Allround® TG60 Shoring Tower system is available in the UK and offers 30% greater efficiency than comparable solutions. 

“The SG4:10 compliant design interfaces with Allround® modular scaffolding and requires fewer bays and thus less material than tube and fitting alternatives.  This enables scaffold contractors to offer a more effective service and to become active on site earlier than perhaps would otherwise be the case,” says Sean Pike, Layher’s UK MD.

Bay sizes can be specified in a range of dimensions while in-built features such as ‘Fall-Safe’ side protection, non-slip decks and lightweight construction, all enhance the suitability of the system for a wide range of locations.


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