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Product innovation
Layher's commitment to ongoing product innovation has underpinned the company's success for almost 70 years. From the smallest device to the introduction of a completely reworked scaffolding system, the new products that we bring to market are the result of extensive R&D and are designed to offer optimised performance, safety and efficiency ... with many a direct response to feedback from our customers.

Allround Lightweight
A new dimension in scaffolding.

Key features and benefits
  • Innovative Autolock function for easier, faster connections
  • High tensile steel reduces weight not strength
  • Reduced weight enables lower shipment costs
  • Faster erection and dismantling
  • Integrated spigot optimises load-bearing of standards
  • Higher scaffolds possible
  • 24% greater bending strength
  • Increased headroom eases access and use
  • Fully compatible with existing Layher Allround systems scaffolding equipment
  • Opportunities for rapid ROI
  • SpeedyScaf Lightweight option